Michael King – www.michaelkingpilates.com says of DavGars music – “I have just driven down to London for 4 hours and listened all the way down to the CD’s.I love them, and want to use them.”

Lynne Robinson – www.bodycontrol.co.uk liked our music so much she bought a hundred CD’s!

“Just what I needed as the owner of a Pilates Studio – beautiful, appropriate music that is totally licence free saving me thousands of pounds a year in PRS and PPL fees.”
Ruth Noonan – www.cockermouthpilatesstudio.co.uk

“Wonderful, relaxing, non-invasive music, just perfect for Pilates. Liz Cairney Body Control Pilates teacher.”

“The Davgar CD’s are ideal for setting the mood in a Pilates class – calm, peaceful background music which drifts along without being intrusive.”
Anne Chester – www.annchesterpilates.co.uk

“We use all three (now Four) royalty free CD’s in our two Pilates studios at Northants Pilates. Our clients will always tell us if they don’t like a piece of music playing in the background, these CD’s always get a great response. It’s not easy finding something that will work with our teaching and keep all tastes satisfied as well, DavGar are hitting that spot and improving with each new CD.”
Karen Grinter – www.northantspilates.com

“It is Fab!”
Kira Bowie – Aberdeen Pilates Studio

“My Pilates clients love the originality of DavGars mellow sounds, so refreshing and miles away from the usual ‘mind body music’ available.”
Debbie Bailey – www.debbiespilates.co.uk

“At Stratford Pilates Centre we purchase music for our classes from DavGar. it’s good background music for Pilates classes, just the right tempo and each a good CD length for the class duration. The service is excellent and buying PPL and PRS free music makes so much sense. I’d recommend DavGar to anyone in this business.”
Lauren Bannister – www.stratfordpilatescentre.co.uk

“DavGars CD’s are a great solution to finding relaxing and non-distracting music to teach Pilates classes to. They set a really nice tone and are at a good pace. I looked into PPL and PRS lisences but for my small business they were not affordable so having these has made life much simpler. I’ve also recommended them to fellow Pilates teachers.”
Sophie Howlett – www.berkshirepilatesclasses.co.uk

“I have been using DavGars music in my Plates classes now for some time and I never grow tired of it. It is beautifully orchestrated and compliments the work I do perfectly. I love all the tracks on ‘Buttermere’ but I particularly like the first track and often use it to accompany a relaxation session. I eagerly await the next one.”
Vanessa Gretton – vanessa@pilatesforliving.co.uk

“We really enjoy DavGars music.”
Perihan Sadovski – www.allpilates.co.uk

“I regularly use DavGars wonderful music in my Plates class. The music helps to bring an atmosphere of calm and balance to the classes. Can’t wait for the next one!”
Dawn Arkell – dawn.arkell@virgin.net

“Early in 2010 I was approached by two contemporary music students based at the University of Central Lancashire. They had the notion to produce PRS and PPL (licence free) music, that is music that can be played legally in church halls, therapy rooms, yoga studios and of course in Pilates studios. If the music played is subject to either PPL or PRS a fee has to be paid.Depending on how many classes, and how large the establishment, the fees can be quite high. To me this music is a lifesaver! There are many ‘licence free’ tracks available, but there are always some tracks that are not always suitable. These CD’s however, do not disappoint.”
Cath Hopkinson – www.experiencepilates.co.uk

“Excellent music for my Pilates classes. DavGar offer great background sound which helps to create a wonderful atmosphere. On top of that great service!”
Christine Hastings – www.pilateswithchristine.co.uk

“I’ve used DavGar cd’s for a few years now for all of my own Pilates & Yoga classes . I now have those professionals teaching for me to use DavGar music for the Solari UK Pilates & Yoga classes. Having sold the cd’s online we’ve had clients as far away as Australia purchasing them and being truly delighted with the quality and original compositions . I’ve been nagging David for more cd’s and downloads as well. Well done & thank you”
Natasha J Soliar, Solari UK (est1997) – Mail Order & Dance & Fitness Professionals – www.solari-uk.com


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