DavGar was formed by Gary Wright and Dave Alty in the hope of creating quality PPL and PRS free music. Dave says, “Our music was initially composed as background or ambient music to be played during a Pilates class. However, we like to think our music is of sufficient quality to appeal to a much wider audience.”.

Dave and Gary first met at the University of Central Lancashire in 2008 where they enrolled on a Honours Degree Course in Music. As two of only a handful of mature students (in Dave and Gary’s case very ‘mature’!) they tended to work together when doing joint modules. During year two one of these modules had a directive to write a piece of music for a paying client. That paying client was to be Cockermouth Pilates Studio who commissioned a piece of music to be used during a Pilates class. ‘Daga Music’ (an even worse name than DavGar) and the CD ‘Yes’ was made and proved to be a great success during class at Cockermouth Pilates Studio. When making this first CD they took advice and help from Ruth Noonan at Cockermouth Pilates and Cath Hopkinson of Experience Pilates who says:-

“Early in 2010 I was approached by two contemporary music students based at the University of Central Lancashire. They had the notion to produce PRS and PPL (licence free) music, that is music that can be played legally in church halls, therapy rooms, yoga studios and of course in Pilates studios.

If the music played is subject to either PPL or PRS a fee has to be paid. Depending on how many classes, and how large the establishment, the fees can be quite high. To me this music is a lifesaver! There are many ‘licence free’ tracks available, but there are always some tracks that are not always suitable. These CD’s however, do not disappoint.”

Cath Hopkinson –

On Finishing university they decided to try and make a career out of composing quality PPL and PRS free music and so ‘DavGar’ was formed. (DavGar was thought to be more appropriate than Gaz’n’Dave!). This music has proved to be a big hit in many, many studios – please read the testimonials.



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